I believe that all scientific publications should be freely available online, given that researchers and peer-reviewers are largely supported by public funding. Therefore I am committed to make all my papers availabe to the general public. If there is a paper of mine you would like to read but do not have access to, please write me an email and I will be happy to share a copy with you.

Verifiable Mix-Nets and Distributed Decryption for Voting from Lattice-Based Assumptions, ACM CCS 2023.
Joint work with Diego F. Aranha, Carsten Baum and Kristian Gjøsteen.

Short paper: Return Codes from Lattice Assumptions, E-Vote-ID Conference 2022.
Joint work with Audhild Høgåsen.

Verifiable Decryption in the Head, Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy 2022.
Joint work with Kristian Gjøsteen, Thomas Haines, Johannes Müller and Peter Rønne.

Short paper: Verifiable Decryption for BGV, the Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting 2022.

Anonymous Tokens with Public Metadata and Applications to Private Contact Tracing, Financial Crypto 2022.
Joint work with Martin Strand.

Lattice-Based Proof of Shuffle and Applications to Electronic Voting, Cryptographers’ Track RSA Conference 2021.
Joint work with Diego F. Aranha, Carsten Baum, Kristian Gjøsteen and Thor Tunge.

Short paper: Where is the Web Still Insecure? Regional Scans for HTTPS Certificates, NISK 2018.
Joint work with Anushua Hossain and Kristina Nelson. (Presentation, Code)


BRAKE: Biometric Resilient Authenticated Key Exchange, in submission.
Joint work with Pia Bauspieß, Alexandre Tullot, Anamaria Costache, Christian Rathgeb, Jascha Kolberg and Christoph Busch.

Theses, Reports and Implementations

Privacy-Preserving Cryptography from Zero-Knowledge Proofs, PhD Thesis, 2022.

Library: Anonymous Tokens, open-source library, 2020.
Joint work with Henrik Walker Moe and Martin Strand. (Docs, Slides, Award)

Verifiable Random Secrets and Subliminal-Free Digital Signatures, Master’s Thesis, 2020.

Challenges in E2E Encrypted Group Messaging, Technical Report, 2020.

Comparative Study of ECC Libraries for Embedded Devices, Technical Report, 2019.

Bilinear Pairings of Elliptic Curves, Bachelor’s Thesis, 2015.