This will be the official course website for TTM4205 Secure Cryptographic Implementations during Fall of 2024.

This course was taught for the first time during the fall semester of 2023. The course material and assignments from fall 2023 can be found here. Furthermore, the grade distribution in this course can be found at, and I encourage you to check out the student evaluations from 2023.

Course Description

The course covers how to implement, analyse, attack, protect and securely compose cryptographic algorithms in practice.
It goes in depth on how to implement computer arithmetic, attacking implementations using side-channel attacks and fault
injection, exploit padding oracles and low-entropy randomness, utilise techniques to defend against these attacks, and how
to securely design misuse-resistant APIs.

See the full course description at

Course Staff

Lecturer:   Tjerand Silde
Office:      Electro B225

Lab/Teaching Assistant: Caroline Sandsbråten
Office:      Electro B211

Reference Group

Please get in touch if you want to join the reference group!

Ed Forum

We will use Ed as a forum in this course. Access to the forum is granted for enrolled students and can be found through the Blackboard sidebar, go to Forum -> Ed Discussion. The forum can also be accessed directly through this link:

Course Materials

The course materials are the lecture slides, references therein, and the assignments.
We do not require that you buy any books, but can recommend the following literature:

  1. Serious Cryptography by Jean-Philippe Aumasson at
  2. Real-World Cryptography by David Wong at
  3. The Hardware Hacking Handbook by Jasper van Woudenberg and Colin O’Flynn at

Additional great resources in applied cryptography are:

Portfolio Assignment

The evaluation in this course will consist of three assignments of 100 points total.

Weekly Problems (40 points)

This assignment will contain the following kinds of problems:

The submission deadline is December 6th at 23:59.

The problems will be announced here.

ChipWhisperer Lab (20 points)

This assignment will contain side-channel attack (SCA) lab work using the ChipWhisperer equipment.

The submission deadline is December 6th at 23:59.

The lab work will be announced here.

Technical Essay (40 points)

This assignment is to write a technical essay about a topic not covered by the
lectures or to cover a topic from the lectures in more depth. It is mandatory
for each group to present their work, but it does not impact the final grades.

Most important guidelines:


The problem description will be announced here.


You must pass all assignments to pass the course; at least 40% on each.

We will use the official NTNU grading scale to assign combined grades.

Lecture Plan

We have the following sessions in lecture room B2 this semester:

Guest Lectures in November:

  1. Tuesday 12/11: TBA
  2. Friday 15/11: Håkon Jacobsen (Thales Norway) on “FPGAs and Cryptography”

(the schedule might be subject to small changes)

Week Date Format Responsible Topic Resources
34 20/8 Lecture Tjerand Course Introduction Test
34 23/8 Lecture Tjerand Randomness 1: Entropy  
34 23/8 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises  
35 27/8 Lecture Tjerand Randomness 2: Randomisation  
35 30/8 Lecture Caroline Randomness 3: Breaking ECDSA  
35 30/8 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises  
36 3/9 No Class      
36 6/9 No Class      
36 6/9 No Class      
37 10/9 Lecture Tjerand Legacy Crypto 1: Crypto Wars  
37 13/9 Lecture Tjerand Legacy Crypto 2: Attacks on TLS  
37 13/9 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises  
38 17/9 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 1 (Setup)  
38 20/9 Lecture Tjerand Side-Channel Attacks (SCA): Intro  
38 20/9 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 2  
39 24/9 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 3  
39 27/9 Lecture Tjerand SCA on Symmetric Key Crypto  
39 27/9 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 4  
40 1/10 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 5  
40 4/10 Lecture Caroline SCA on Public Key Crypto  
40 4/10 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 6  
41 8/10 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 7  
41 11/10 Lecture Tjerand SCA on Post-Quantum Crypto  
41 11/10 Lab/Ex Caroline SCA Lab 8  
42 15/10 Lecture Tjerand Padding Oracles 1: CBC and SHA  
42 18/10 Lecture Tjerand Padding Oracles 2: RSA Encryption  
42 18/10 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises  
43 22/10 Lecture Tjerand Crypto API Failures  
43 25/10 No Class      
43 25/10 No Class      
44 29/10 Lecture Tjerand Commitments and Zero-Knowledge  
44 1/11 Lecture Tjerand Protocol Composition 1: RSA  
44 1/11 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises  
45 5/11 Lecture Tjerand Protocol Composition 2: DLOG  
45 8/11 Lecture Tjerand Course Summary  
45 8/11 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises  
46 12/11 Guest Lecture Tjerand Guest Lecture 1 TBA  
46 15/11 Guest Lecture Tjerand Guest Lecture 2: Håkon Jacobsen  
46 15/11 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises  
47 19/11 Presentations Tjerand Project Presentations  
47 22/11 Presentations Tjerand Project Presentations  
47 22/11 Lab/Ex Caroline Exercises