Working with me

Internships or Research Visits

I am happy to host intership students interested in my area of research, but I do not have funding for this myself. You need to apply for scholarships, for example Erasmus+ or Fulbright, and then we can offer you affordable student housing. Please also see the NTNU page about placement students before sending me an email.

Master’s Thesis

I am happy to supservise master’s students in the Mathematical Sciences, Cyber Security and Data Communication, Digital Infrastructure and Cyber Security, or Security and Cloud Computing programs at NTNU. Please get in touch if you follow one of these programs, have top grades from at least two of the courses TTM4135 - Applied Cryptography and Network Security, TTM4137 - Wireless Network Security, TMA4160 - Cryptography, TMA4162 - Computational Algebra, TTM4195 - Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies, or TTM4205 - Secure Cryptographic Implementations, and are interested in writing a master’s thesis in cryptography.

PhD or Postdoc Positions

All of my open positions will be announced on my homepage and at All applications needs to go through the application portal on to be evaluated. I expect all applicants to have a strong background in cryptography, and preferably also solid experience with either information security, algebra and number theory, algorithms and programming, theoretical computer science, or electrical engineering.

I like to work in teams, which is why most of my papers have three or more co-authors. I also like to meet regularly with my students, and you can expect that we plan for a weekly one-hour meeting when working together. Make sure that you are aligned with my research interests and show that you have read some of my work when applying to work with me.