Lattice-Based Proof of Shuffle and Applications to Electronic Voting, CT-RSA 2021.
Joint work with Diego F. Aranha, Carsten Baum, Kristian Gjøsteen and Thor Tunge.

Library: Anonymous Tokens, open-source library, 2020.
Joint work with Henrik Walker Moe and Martin Strand. (Docs, Slides, Award)

Work in Progress

Lattice-Based Verifiable Mixing Network
Joint work with Diego F. Aranha, Carsten Baum and Kristian Gjøsteen.

Verifiable Decryption in the Head, in submission.
Joint work with Kristian Gjøsteen, Thomas Haines, Johannes Müller and Peter Rønne.

Anonymous Tokens with Public Metadata and Applications to Private Contact Tracing, in submission.
Joint work with Martin Strand.

Theses and Reports

Verifiable Random Secrets and Subliminal-Free Digital Signatures, Master’s Thesis, 2020.

Challenges in E2E Encrypted Group Messaging, Technical Report, 2020.

Comparative Study of ECC Libraries for Embedded Devices, Technical Report, 2019.

Where is the Web Still Insecure? Regional Scans for HTTPS Certificates, NISK 2018.
Joint work with Anushua Hossain and Kristina Nelson. (Presentation, Code)

Bilinear Pairings of Elliptic Curves, Bachelor’s Thesis, 2015.


I organized the Norwegian Crypto Seminar 2020 together with Kristian Gjøsteen and Martin Strand.

I’m on the organizing committee for Eurocrypt 2022 in Trondheim. Colin Boyd is the General Chair.

I have been a reviewer for the following conferences:

Research Groups

I’m a member of the Algebra Group at the Department of Mathematics and the NTNU Applied Cryptology Lab at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology.

I’m also a member of the COINS Research School of Computer and Information Security for Ph.D. students in Norway.

Research Visits

I’m very grateful to Carsten Baum, Diego Aranha and the Aarhus Crypto Group for hosting me for one week in November 2019 and for four months Fall 2020.